Tuesday, September 6, 2011

100 Pages

There's something about hitting 100 pages in a manuscript that always makes me feel a bit like this:

That, in case you don't recognize it, is total excitement (exhibited by my son...) And that's how I feel whenever I hit 100 pages, because regardless of how long the book is going to be, you're now in triple figures. You've got something that, if you printed it out, looks like a book. Something that can impress your friends and family. The sort of thing that will make people think you're a real writer.

And I guess it's more than that this time. My writing journey hasn't been what I imagined: getting an agent less than two weeks after querying for the first time. And not only getting an agent, but one that seems to understand what I'm trying to do - and wants to make it better. It's been going out on submission and having my book come back like a boomerang. It's realizing what that book was and wasn't, and then realizing I had other stories I wanted to tell. It's writing one of those stories, trashing it, then starting over again. It's sending it to my agent and realizing - crap - it's just not working. It's sitting at a bar, hearing him say: "You can work on this new book. I like it."

It's starting that book and reaching 100 pages and realizing: Okay, this one can work. You can do this.

And that's enough. I'm not thinking about whether it will be published, if anybody will like it, or what the cover would look like. I'm writing something that I think is important. I'm writing a girl, which is so weird and amazing and, at times, has me wondering if writing guys was holding me back a bit. It's taking on some stuff (religion) that has been both important and horrible in my life. And maybe it's a good story that will help people realize we're all on a journey - that we're all unfinished and even when big-ass mistakes get made, there's a shot that things will get better.

So here's to page 101.


  1. I have yet to do that. It seems everyone is celebrating completing their ms or their 17th draft or whatever. But it's this celebration that motivates me the most. Thanks, dude!

  2. Why am I the only one who has commented?