Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why I Am Not Here

Reader Jonathon Arntson asks:  My life is meaningless without your words!  Will you PLEASE blog again soon?  (Actual comment may vary.)

Despite myself, I'm not a big Oh-ho-ho - look at me!  I'm writin' a book over here! type of person.  When I get involved in the process, I commit to it.  And watch out: I'm like NyQuill.  I'm gone and out and all See you next year! when it comes to my creative focus. So, sorry blog.

Of course, if this books takes me an entire year?  Well, there may not be anybody around to write this blog.  And that would suck.

My hope is that this new book will be done and in the agent's hands by the end of November at the very, very latest.  As of right now, I have 150 pages (about 40,000 words) and going pretty strong.  If not mind-achingly slow.

I have never written a book with so much... pre-planning.  Or... concentration on plot.  I feel dirty.

Seriously, I have always been a fast draft type of dude.  I can put down some words, okay?  4,000? 5,000?  No problem.  Well, there was a problem:  it was exactly that, a fast draft.  For the next few years, I'd be revising, cursing, revising, threatening to write a 20 page outline if I ever make it out of this book alive.

But all that has changed, friends.  Mostly due to my agent requesting a synopsis, but whatever, we're just going to call it MY IDEA because that's how I like to roll up in here.

So that's what happening.  I'm writing.  I think it's good.  Although, I went through a manic 3-day stretch where I was pretty sure it sucked.  Then I let a friend read it.  And she liked it.  Then I felt better about everything, so I started writing some more.  And now I'm wondering: did she REALLY like it?  Was she LYING?

Breathing, breathing.


Finally, I have nothing to say about Halloween.  Only that my son is planning on being a gnome.  Prepare the devastating awesomeness of what is below:


  1. Nice! I love it when "the zone" happens. I wish you the best of luck with wrapping it all up, dude.

    And that is one cute gnome.

  2. No, you were totally right, my life had meaning the moment I saw this post.

    It's awesome to know you've been banging out so much writing. Good job.

    I'm doing nano.

  3. Is your son one of those good gnomes who try to get you better rates on your hotel bookings or the bad kind that do... well, whatever bad gnomes do. Untie people's shoes?

    I know, man. The transition from pantser to semi-pantser is rough. It's like you look in the mirror and say, 'I don't even know you anymore.'

    Best wishes on gittin' r done.