Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where I Am Now.

Funny how quickly a blog can disappear.  Funny how little I've cared.  I kept thinking, "I should blog... something."  But I don't really have anything to say.

Okay, not exactly true.  My wife recently read a YA book and said, "What's with all these conflicted asshole guys?"  Uh, my point freakin' exactly.  One of the things that makes me tired is the negative portrayal of men in YA fiction (a joke, yes...)  Does anybody else notice that male characters tend to fall into one of three distinct categories:

1.) I'm a rebel, I don't like you, but somehow I'm unable to keep myself away from you.  Hey, we should kiss.  By the way, I'm a magical creature.  Yeah, sucks.  But we are FOREVER.

2.) I'm the boy next door.  I'm cute, in a nerdy way.  Yeah, I'm in a band/in the band/in drama.  I'm your friend, but we both know that there's probably more to it.  I'll probably be better for you than the magical creature above.  Oh, by the way.  I'm a freakin' wizard or some shit.  You will probably break my heart.

3.) I am hot.  My abs ripple.  You like to touch me.  We do it.  I'm a fan of whispering things "hotly" in your ears.  Did I mention I turn you on?  I am not a magical creature.  Well, sometimes.  Does it matter?  *flex* I didn't think so....

Right, so this stuff annoys the hell out of me.  And yeah, sure, I realize that male authors do the same thing with some of their female characters.  But whatever.  My blog, my biases.

So I could talk about this.  Maybe another time.  Instead, I wanted to give people a reason for not blogging as much.

Basically, I'm working on a new book.  It's fun.  It's hard.  It's taking up a lot of my time.  I took a small three day weekend break but now I'm back on it, typing the Funny.  Typing the Genius.  Okay, maybe not.  But still - typing.

And it's hard to actually come up with so much wit in a given day.

So there it is.  I may be silent for awhile.


  1. Good luck with your new book, Bryan!
    I went to a Slash concert last night and he played Paradise City. But he wanted me to ask you where that girl and her whistle was for it.

  2. Sigh... dead in the water for now. That's probably my favorite part of the book, but I've come to realize that it's a bit esoteric... most people don't have the love for GNR that I do. ;)

  3. I just realized I am far too complex to be a character. I do not fall into any of those categories, yet I yearn to identify with them.

    Oddly enough, all my real friends are women or gay men, but 90% of my MC's are straight boys because I seem to think I can redefine they way boys are looked at in YA/MG lit. What am I thinking?

    And I agree, my wit meter is too depleted right now, hence my rare blogging. Don't worry, we get excited when we see your posts pop up on our blogrolls, but we get even more excited to find out you're writing away and a book of yours will be released to the masses soon. *fingers crossed*

  4. Funny. My wife and I were having a talk along the same lines the other night. As much as I love the YA, I do sometimes feel like I'm reading the same book over and over. Stock male characters. Stock female characters. Stock situations. It can be depressing, but incredibly exciting when you see someone really break out of that. Keep fighting the good fight.

  5. Yeah, my question is where do I meet #3?

  6. Aw, man! Being a rock fan, I loved that part!
    Slash was awesome and Myles Kennedy sang Axl's vocals pretty well.

  7. What more Bliss? it's a rare gem!

    By the way, I posted an award for ya on my blog. It's girly. but there's a ninja somewhere behind the rose, honest.

    Check In To The ROUS Motel!

  8. Still nothing to say?

    Anything about Halloween??

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