Friday, February 5, 2010

And now for something completely different...

I have promised to blog more. This is my attempt at said promise.

Enough with that PSA mess. Let's get down to brass tacks. As I've waited to hear back on my revision from my agent (yeah, I totally just linked to my agent... wanna fight about it?), I've read a lot of books (17) and watched a ton of movies.

I needed a break.

From this book. From writing.

And I know: Bryan, you have to write every day. That's how you grow. Just commit to 1000 words a day. But, see, I'm different. Special, even.

So forget that noise.

I needed a break.

But a funny thing happened this past week. And while I was going to blog about that, I figured most people care about writing stuff. So...

I wrote 3 chapters of a new book this week. Almost 50 pages. And while time will tell as to whether what I've written is good (well, of course it is GOOD. Let's just say... last. Yes, time will tell if these chapters will LAST), I am pretty excited.

Because, see, I've never been able to stick with another book.

Hello, my name is Bryan and I have worked on the same book almost fanatically since 2004.

I know a lot of people have 3 or even 4 books in the hopper but I've never been able to successfully swoon about another piece of writing. Call it mental illness. Or maybe the mad drive of a unknown genius. Whatever it is, it's gone. I have officially started book #2.

Some of you might be thinking, That Bryan, he's just so inspirational. To you, I say: Thank You. Others of you might be thinking, You're all kinds of prolific, man. To you, I say: Watch Out.

But this IS a big deal for me. The book that I'm currently revising - The Legendary Days of My 17th Year - was something I could never let go of. Trust me, I tried. Something about the characters and the premise spoke to me in a deep, meaningful way. And even when I put it away for months - even as much as a year - at a time, it was never far from my mind.

I've read you need to write a million bad words before you can start writing some good ones. Some might say it takes a million + 56,000 (hint: my novel clocks in at... yep, 56k). For many writers, I think these words take shape in a number of bad novels.

For me, it was about one hundred awful drafts of Legendary Days. (And then signing with an agent who helps me realize it's about 102...).

What kept me coming back to Legendary Days, however, goes beyond just a love of the story. As I struggled through each draft (some of them horribly sentimental), I became a better writer. But, just as important, I found my voice. Each time I opened up Legendary Days on my laptop, I would find pieces that didn't fit with the MC's voice. With my burgeoning voice.

But now, I feel like I've come to a point where I can cheat on Legendary Days a bit. It's not that I don't love it any less. I just know it's in good hands with Michael. I know that it has a place right now. There is a chance that it might - someday - live beyond my head and laptop.

And that is so freakin' cool.


  1. You started book #2! Bryan, that's wonderful!

  2. Bryan--that's great!

    After the millionth bad word they're all good, right? I'll let you know when I get there.

  3. Your delivery is incredible. Great news about book #2.

  4. Welcome to the sect! Don't worry, though, most of us writers are polyamorous.

  5. Thanks everybody! I knocked out another 2000 words today. I may finish this one before I hear back about LEGENDARY DAYS... ;)