Friday, January 1, 2010


I know, I know – it’s typical to do the whole, “I’m looking back on the last year” thing. Deal with it. I need to blog and it’s an easy topic.



2009 – it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Holy crap, I mean, I might as well just open up a couple Hallmark cards and scan them or something. So far, this post is reminding me of a favorite word: mawkish.

No need to look it up, you’re experiencing it right now.

So, 2009. You were a pretty good year, if not a potential life-changing one.


1.) I am still alive.
a. I consider this to be a bonus, generally. So, props to 2009 for meeting my #1 criteria – life.
2.) I moved to Oregon
a. It was a big decision to leave friends and family and move all the way out to the heathen Northwest. Of course, the ‘heathen’ Northwest tends to fit my liberal ways much better. So, point scored.
3.) Money
a. for the first time in a long time, I’m not stressed about money. We actually have a good amount left over when the bastards of capitalism (and utilities) come calling each month. So, yay coffers and all that.

4. Writing
a. This has been a good year for me as a writer. I took a big step and queried some agents. I nearly fell over when one of said agents was like, “Bryan, you are the bomb.” (Okay, he didn’t say that, but whatever… get off my case. This is my blog.) I finished a revision that I never would have done before, sent it to said agent, and am now waiting to hear back on the next step. As if it even needs to be said… word to your mother, fools.

5. Friends and Family
a. My wife, kids, brothers, sisters – all of them – are pretty okay. I mean, seriously, they are severely alright. Without them, things wouldn’t be as fine.

b. Friends. I’ve come to respect and admire a lot of people online, especially when it comes to writing. Ray Veen is a funny, talented writer – and one of the few people I feel completely uninhibited to send my writing to. Nova Ren Suma is the kind of writer I want to be - talented and humble (we already share a natural and fairly rare ability to stress about small things like the SEND button on our e-mail accounts.) Mike Jung – just for being awesome; He also has delusions of being an inter-galatic warlord or something… Vivi/Vikki Brotherton Bickell for being one of the few women who truly appreciate a Star Wars reference. Heather Kelley for giving me my first interview… Mary Kole, who shares a fear of mountain lions and made me promise never to use the word ‘pre-published’… all the people at Verla Kay, Jesus, Axl Rose, and John Cusack (of course.)

Before I thank the Academy, let me just give you my goals for the year:

1.) Stay alive.
2.) See no mountain lions (closely associated with #1 on the list)
3.) Become a better writer.
4.) Get the band back together.

I’m sure I missed some important things, people, events – sorry. I’ve got kids to take to the park right now.

Again, thanks…


  1. How come I didn't know you had a blog? Huh? huh?

    Happy new year Bryan!

  2. Oh... um... I also meant to include people who told me my contract was all good because they used to be entertainment lawyers... um... yeah.


  3. You are such a strange, funny man! Keep it up. And congrats on your successes.

  4. Bryan, what a great 2009 you had! Here's to exciting book developments in 2010!

    And, wow, I am so flattered by what you said about me. Thank you! I'm honored. And it's good to know there is someone who shares my SEND affliction. It's so rare.

  5. Terry: I take that as a compliment.

    Nova: I think the whole SEND thing is probably better than being too quick to throw stuff out there.

  6. I should thank you for doing the interview--your answers were brimming with awesomeness. I can't wait to do an interview update for you in 2010! Book Contract, baby!

    Congrats on a great year!

  7. Get that band back together will you?!
    I have never had Stay Alive as a goal for the year. Will need to put that on my To Do list. I'd say it's rather important.

  8. Holy shit, if I could marry a blog, it'd be yours. As far as something new, your voice, something blue...your links. Something old...this post, update, will ya?! What's left, something used...ah, well, you used kick-ass words like, "the bomb" and "delusions".

    I will be sharing your third goal for this year, as for #4, I'll pick up my recorder from third grade. The first two are a cinch, we have no mountain lions here and I am a safeish driver.

  9. Jonathon - That might be the most interesting comment I've ever had on a blog.