Monday, November 16, 2009

Revising and Television

I'm stuck in the middle of a seemingly non-ending revision. Honestly, it's going well. I revise pages every day, but there are days when it is hard to power up the macbook and get going. Some of this has to do with wanting it to be good, of course. Some of it is just I'd really like to be lazy today.

Lately, when the I'm gonna get my lazy on today-vibe comes along, I've been taking a break and watching one episode of t.v. shows that I have on the DVR or from Netflix. I've never been a huge t.v. fan. I don't watch reality shows, and can never remember when shows come on (I blame myself for Arrested Development going off the air....sigh.) But there are a lot of shows out there that I really enjoy.

Ugly Betty
Friday Night Lights
Lost (at least the first 3 seasons I've watched)
And now Glee (thanks to a publishing-type that will remain nameless.)

I've always seen television as a weak alternative to movies.

I love movies.

But recently, I've grown really attached to certain characters on television shows like Entourage. I've watched every season, and I've come to expect a certain brand of humor from the show. From the characters. I think this longevity is something that television, unlike movies, can offer. If done well, a television show can be a lot like a book series (seriously...did I just say that?)

I guess I'm saying that character development in a movie is forced to develop a lot quicker in movies. And with television, I've been able to watch a show and know that I'm going to get something out of it when I need it when I'm stuck and ready to pull out my hair from revising.

I don't know...this all sounded pretty profound before I started writing the blog. Maybe not so much now.


  1. Entourage I love. And Modern Family this season. That show cracks me up. TV shows can be a good break--since they're finite. Not like the internet and blogs, which seem to span into forever.

  2. I don't watch much TV but a friend me so Seinfield (am I spelling that right). I never watched it when it was running but am getting a few laughs out of it now.

    BTW. I enjoyed your interview at Heather's Blog.

  3. Right on. Glad to find another dude in the haystack of YA/MG lit.