Monday, October 5, 2009

When do you start again?

It seems like I've been working on The Legendary Days of My 17th Year forever. The original idea came to me when I was in graduate school. It has evolved a lot, and I actually get all sweaty when I start thinking about another book - because this one is safe. It is known. And, honestly, I really, really (really) like the premise.

But you have to keep writing.

The question is: when do you stop? I feel like I'm committing literary adultery by starting the new book right now - even though I came up with a title (it's amazing) and a first paragraph (again, can you say 'amazing'?)

Maybe I'm afraid of getting really invested in this book, only to find out some agent-dude (or dude-ette) wants me to do 7 revisions of LEGENDARY DAYS...Or maybe I'll get into the book and realize I'm not actually a good writer....that I can only write about professional wrestling, Guatemalans and Guns N' Roses (yeah, you know you want to read it...o_0 )

Either way, you have to start writing a new book....right...right?

And that's what I'm doing now - just moving on and trying not to focus on the intense anxiety that keeps creeping through my body like some kind of writer's flu. I'm plotting and having fun coming up with all sorts of obnoxious and funny things (like a girl having to take 'Advanced' Health her senior year of high school. Because, really - what does it take to study 'Advanced' Health? Is it actually an advanced course or some kind of remedial class for kids with The Stink? Like I said, obnoxious...)


  1. I'm so telling your old book that you're starting a new book.

    No, seriously, I went through the same thing after my first book and I actually started my second during NaNoWRiMo and it felt a little less like "cheating" since technically you're supposed to write something new for NaNo.

    But I'm sure once you get your eight figure book deal, you won't have time for a new book. You'll be too busy being awesome. And we all know how much time that can eat up in a day.

  2. I've had to deal with the whole 'being awesome' thing for awhile now. I'm set.

    I did, however, get another request for a full today....;)

  3. Ray Veen pimped you out, and when Ray Veen says to follow, I follow. ;)

    Hi, I'm Mercedes. I heard "Say It Ain't So" and plunked down for my first Weezer album when I was in high school. I have some partials out and only one full (Curse you, Bryan B!) but I still think that we should be friends!

    And NaNoWriMo will solve all of life's literary problems.


  4. I say go ahead and write if the new book is calling. Strike while you have the burning desire to get it out of your head and then let it alllllll out. Your other books will always be there. If an agent wants revisions on your other book, well then, stop and do 'em. And the other book will wait.

    Go on, let the new book out to play.

  5. I did...err, am? Regardless, I've been tinkering around with it. I did, however, come up with some really funny (to me, at least...and probably Mr. Veen...) stuff.


  6. You're right. You have to write a new book. And expect your agent to ask for a revision, and your editor to ask for 5, and your copy editor to ask for 4 more. :)
    That's what we do this for, right?

    Rock on Bryan Bliss.

  7. Take a week for a break and watch some DVDs then get back to the writing definitely! Then when revisions come, set the new one to simmer alone awhile and rock the revisions!
    By the way, I'd so read the Guns n Roses book...

  8. Kelly! Guns n Roses! Yes!


    If you send me an e-mail brain(dot)bliss(at)gmail(dot)com - I will send you the bestest guns n roses part of the whole dang book (and possibly fiction, ever...)

    Okay, done with all the humility.

  9. I started my second book while my first was off at a contest. I'm glad I did. Because after working with an agent (unsigned) for a few months, he ultimately rejected the manuscript and since that rejection confirmed every ounce of self doubt I've had about writing/the book, it was nice that I had a second one pretty much done. So I've tabled the first book and worked exclusively on the second because just thinking about the rejected book kind of bums me out.