Saturday, October 24, 2009

Funny Things (A Needed Distraction from Revising)

*An Actual Conversation with a Toddler* Part I

DAUGHTER: My bed smells like poop.

MOMMY: No it doesn't, it's time to go to sleep.

DAUGHTER: No, Really - it smells like cow poop.

MOMMY: Daughter, how do you think a

DAUGHTER: Sometimes cows break out of their pastures, that's true. (I am not making this up...)

MOMMY: Okay, but how did one get in your room?

DAUGHTER: Must've been a flying cow...(insert riotous laughing from DAUGHTER here...)

MOMMY: Cows don't fly--


SON: Yeah, but they can jump over the moon!

The End.

And now, this:


  1. I am assuming your daughter did not also draw those ;)
    True story. At bedtime tonight my daughter said that underneath my son Jack's bed it smelled like poop. She was right. We took a flashlight and checked it out. My puppy was just under there and left a gift. (That or the cow from your part of town)

  2. Ha....and no, she didn't draw these.