Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bloggy, Blog-Blog (feel free to hum Snoop Dogg)

I am officially finished with my book.

How's that for a first blog on this new and shiny blog?

I guess I could have started with something like, "I have an agent!" or "My book's being published!"

But blogging may not be around then....oh, hahahahah...yeah, I know.

But I am finished, and it feels good to be able to watch a movie without the guilt I felt by not working on polishing that eternal bane of existence, the manuscript-in-progress. There is something holy - sacred? - about being able to say, "It is done."

And it is finished. I've worked on this particular book for a year now, and the premise itself has hung around for a long time. It's always been a book I just had to finish, had to make as good as possible. I won't bust out any writer-y pretentious crap here being all, I owed it to my CHARACTERS. Because it's really not like that (and I don't want to be that dude, honestly.)

I guess it has to do with finally feeling like I have something to say (okay, so that smacks of being pretentious....) But, really - The Legendary Days of My 17th Year is the book I wanted to write when I started writing. And I think that's important, at least to me.

So we will see what happens next....some of you know the interest it is generating. Some of you have threatened me with violence due to that interest.

(I suggest you look at my header, suckas. I'm a total ninja.)

Whatever happens, it is an exciting time.

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